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Yesterday, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker gave her annual presentation on the State of the Web 2010. As always, she has done her homework with some excellent stats presented that draw some provokative conclusions. While this presentation looks at the broader market, it is not too hard to start connecting the dots and apply some of her findings to the healthcare sector.

Slide 8 above shows just how dramatic the pace of adoption is for mobile+internet. What this slide points to and what our own recent research has uncovered (more to come – mHealth in the Enterprise report to be released tomorrow) is that mobile+internet is going to have a tremendous impact on all industry sectors, including healthcare.

Fasten your seat belts folks, this ride is only going to accelerate.

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I got religion.

At least religion that part of the savior to today’s, and more importantly, tomorrow’s healthcare crisis lies on the Internet.

With the abysmal adoption of IT to date within the healthcare sector, I am a strong believer that this industry will simply leap-frog the traditional, three-tiered IT architectural model and move directly to an SaaS-type model (ala athenahealth or Salesforce.com) coupled with cloud computing.  Granted, this will not occur over night and most large hospitals and IDNs will be loathed to give up on their server farms and internally developed apps, but there is a very large percentage of care (some estimate it at 80%) which takes place outside these large healthcare facilities, and it is here where adoption of healthcare IT (HIT) is lowest and where we will see the Interent play the biggest role.

We are still very early in the game here and there are numerous issues to contend with from privacy and security to uptime, to control – not insurmountable, but issues that must be addressed nonetheless.  So to get up to speed on how some of these issues may be tackled, I’m of to Harvard University for the next couple of days to get some schooling on the topic.  The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is having a 10th anniversary conference and have put together a very interesting agenda.  Will report back any insights I garner.

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